Patreon Creator Discovery

For this personal project, I collaborated with two designers over two months to improve search and browse functions on the Patreon adaptive website, with additional functions of team leadership and management.

The problem

I conducted user research on the target online content consumers and found that they primarily consume content through very visual platforms with a strong preference for a highly personalized experience. By contrast, the existing Patreon interface is primarily a search bar and text-based results, revealing a gap to be solved for.

Ideating and solutioning

Bridging the gap with a visual, personalized interface: After ideating in response to the research findings and competitor analysis, I surfaced several ideas to create a browsing interface that begins by visually serving personalized content, with an easy way to further customize and filter, while also carrying the branding from the existing landing page.

Building a user flow and interfaces

Deliverables included the entire user flow and detailed interfaces, showing sign on and login from the existing home page; to browsing, filtering, and selecting content on the proposed browsing solution.

User flow

1. Landing Page (existing)

2. Content Browser

3. Customize Content Filter Settings

4. Refreshed Content Browser

5. Selected Content Creator Page (existing)

User research insights and next steps

  • Positive feedback on visual experience: “easy to navigate”, “clean and modern”, and “seamless”

  • 100% finish rate on the clickable prototype

  • Group the content filter settings into categories, as a minority of users found them overwhelming

  • Beta test on a small sample, and monitor user data for underlying issues to improve experience; compare metrics from initial stages to further inform next steps.

Based in San Francisco

Based in San Francisco

Based in San Francisco

Based in San Francisco

Based in San Francisco

Based in San Francisco